Friday, October 3, 2014

Food Waste Friday

Every Friday I join in with The Frugal Girl and Simply Being Mum to confess any food I have wasted during the week, in the hope of reducing my food waste through increased awareness of what is in my fridge (and public accountability!)

Or No Food Waste Friday!! There was no food waste here this week! Hooray!

I did have to make a couple of saves along the way:

Save 1: Greek Yogurt
Once again I had some Greek yogurt about to go past it's best. Muffins solved this problem, and the yogurt made them especially fluffy :)k

Save 2: Bread crusts
These were turned into rough, rustic crumbs and frozen.

It would appear all this writing down of my food waste is working :) Here's hoping for another food waste free week next week!


  1. Well done on not having any food waste and on your saves!
    I'm pleased to report that we didn't have any wastage either. I did a save on some bread crusts also - I used them for making french toast 'fingers', which my little boys love..

  2. Ooh! They sound lovely! I can imagine why your boys love them! Well done on having no food waste! :)