Friday, September 26, 2014

Food Waste Friday

Every Friday I join in with The Frugal Girl and Simply Being Mum to confess any food I have wasted during the week, in the hope of reducing my food waste through increased awareness of what is in my fridge (and public accountability!)

This week, despite being sick, I have managed to keep my food waste to a minimum! I am so happy about this because, in the past, when I have been sick all attempts to minimize food waste have gone out the window!

The fridge this week: Nothing out of the ordinary in here this week. Everything is in date and in good condition and has a use planned for it.

Top Shelf: Flax seeds, the much coveted chocolate and M&M's boxes have been joined by a container of chocolate finger biscuits (it was one of those weeks!),  hummus, yogurts.

Middle Shelf: this is my 'leftovers' shelf housing: vegetables for lunch, half an orange ready to go for my daughter's lunch tomorrow, a container filled with tinned peaches,  and the containers we use to store lemon halves.

Bottom shelf: eggs, all in date.

Drawers: vegetables on the left, fruit on the right, all still in good condition

Door: Spreads, cheese, condiments, water, rice milk, milk, all still in good condition. The lite milk has been joined by some pink milk this week!

Now onto the food waste and some saves!

Waste Item 1: Left over stir-fry that was supposed to be for lunch on Monday. I was feeling completely off my food and the thought of eating eggs and vegetables for lunch was just too much! I had a jam sandwich instead (and a chocolate biscuit...not great for my immune system, but it's what I felt like!)

Waste Item 2: A lemon. It was in a bag in the fridge and from the top it looked fine! When I lifted it up however, it had turned. It has been a good reminder to check ALL the lemons instead of just grabbing one when I'm making dinner, and using up the ripest one first!

Waste Item 3: An orange! Again, in a bag in the fridge. 

Waste Item 4:  There was a serving of yogurt in the bottom of the container that had gone past it's use-by date. Again, when I was sick I really didn't feel like eating it. Normally this wouldn't happen because I love Greek yogurt! (and I forgot to photograph it...)

But once again there was a save!

Save Item 1:  Hummus again! Writing on the lid is really working for me! We had a tub that was about to be past it's best, and once again it made it onto our dinner plates as an added condiment. The kids actually exclaimed 'Ooh! hummus! I love hummus!' when they saw it, so I may have to do it more often!

I definitely think that being mindful of my food waste during the week and actually writing it down is working! Here's to another reasonable (or better!) food waste week next week!



  1. Well done! Hope that you feel better soon. Is always harder to 'manage' the fridge for potential waste when you are sick, so you did really well.

    Good save on the hummus!

  2. Hope you feel better soon Clare. Nice tidy fridge might I add! Jo