Friday, October 24, 2014

Food Waste Friday (and a new appliance!)

Every Friday I join in with The Frugal Girl and Simply Being Mum to confess any food I have wasted during the week, in the hope of reducing my food waste through increased awareness of what is in my fridge (and public accountability!)

Firstly, I apologise for my absence! We have had school holidays and have been busy having fun! (another post on that later :) )

Unfortunately, I did have some waste this week.

Waste Item 1: A squishy Orange! It looked fine in the bag, then I picked it up...

Waste Item 2: A squishy Kiwifruit. Again, it looked fine in the fruit bowl! I need to remember to check ALL the fruit before picking one up, so as to use up the ripest first.

I did have to make a save along the way:

Save 1: Greek Yogurt
Once again I had some Greek yogurt about to go past it's best. Once again, muffins solved this problem :)

Now for the fridge photo:

You may notice something new on my middle shelf. That's right! Supermarket bread! Only a few weeks ago I was sharing my favourite recipe for Simple Bread, but, in typical Clare fashion, shortly afterwards I changed it! 

While we were on holiday the kids ate supermarket bread and, as usual,  they loved it. They requested politely that I start buying them supermarket bread again, and with less work for me, and at only $1 a loaf, who am I to argue? Especially as my stand mixer was on it's last legs!

Which led to the purchase of my new favourite appliance (not quite pushing the vacuum cleaner out of top spot...I will write about my vacuum another day!): The Breadmaker!

I never thought I wanted a bread maker, but it really has made the process so much easier. It's taken me a few weeks to get the hang of it and perfect my recipe, but it seems to be working!

So, not a perfect week waste-wise, but not too bad :)


  1. Oh she is pretty! You're going to have to share your receipe later!

  2. Just after I thought I perfected it, it collapsed again last night!!!!! Grrrrrr ;) Must keep practising! (and tweaking...)

  3. So sorry I missed this last week! I've only just replied to comments on my blog from Friday. Kids are off - routine is out!