About Doing it Simply

Hi, my name is Clare and Doing it Simply focuses on my family's attempts at embracing a kind of 'moderate-minimalist' way of living, an intentionally simple lifestyle.  The blog will feature ideas on (amongst other things): 

  • decluttering (I love the William Morris quote "Have nothing in your houses that you do not know to be useful or believe to be beautiful” and this has inspired many a decluttering frenzy!)*
  • systems and routines that help make life simpler at home, 
  • ideas for simple family fun 
  • and every week I will be participating in Food Waste Friday over at www.frugalgirl.com and www.simplybeingmum.com
*disclaimer: Our choice to live with less stuff is certainly not a judgement on other people's lifestyle choices. This is what works for us at the moment. We certainly have many things that other people would consider clutter and a true minimalist would be horrified with the size of our CD collection! But that is why I believe the 'useful and beautiful' part of the Morris quote is so important. What is 'useful and beautiful' to me (I have lego displayed on my piano...) may not be to you, and vice versa :) 

Thanks for following along and I would love to hear any thoughts, tips or tricks you have for simplifying, organising and reducing your food waste in the comments!