Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Slowly making progress

After my week of letting it go and accepting the clutter, I had plans for this week to be a decluttering frenzy! But life happened again :) I came down with a cold on Sunday (first weekend of the school holidays...typical!!) and snuggling up in bed has been much more appealing than re-homing transitory stuff, but despite my sniffles I have managed to get a couple of things done!

Last Thursday evening this was my kitchen:

This was my kitchen this afternoon. Don't you feel calmer looking at this one? I sure do! The kitchen really is the hub of our house and the clutter (or lack of it) makes a big difference to how we all feel.

I would like my fridge door to be a little less 'busy', but it's the most direct place to keep birthday invitations and we are having a bit of a birthday boom at the moment. 

I also did a little work on our telephone table and craft box and have re-homed rather a lot of pencils...not sure where they all came from! I don't have a before shot for this one, but it used to have the phone and pencil jar on the top shelf, the sellotape dispenser, paper cube, calculator and an eraser on the middle shelf and a couple of extra books on the bottom shelf. 

So despite not getting nearly as much done as I would like this week I have still made some small steps in the right direction. 

And I know it's only Wednesday, but my 're-minimalism-ing' my house is going to have to take second place to the Superhero party on Saturday to celebrate my youngest turning 5 and the cake I need to create!

Jo at Simply Being Mum wrote a great 'Not Buying It' post about birthday cakes. I have (almost) always baked my own birthday cakes. This is the last one I made for my daughter's 7th Birthday back in April.

 It was a simple cake with royal icing out of a packet from the supermarket, and it was pink and did the job. The one this weekend is going to be my first 'fancy' cake with fondant (roll your own) icing! I have actually been having nightmares about this cake so please send good cake-icing energy my way! I promise to post pictures (even if it looks terrible) because if I can do it, anyone can! *once again, no affiliate links in this post*

Have a great week everyone!


  1. Your kitchen looks great Clare! Good luck with the cake making - I wouldn't know where to even start lol :)

    1. Thanks Laura! The cake turned out to be much easier than I anticipated. All that disrupted sleep for nothing!

  2. Clare - I love your kitchen! And I love Zoe's cake... It looks fantastic - seriously! Good luck this weekend, and if you need me just holler and I'll see if I can help from way way across the other side of the world...

    1. Thanks Jo :) I have decided that I much prefer fondant to any other kind of icing. I usually don't like icing as it's always too sweet, but fondant is not that sweet at all. I will be sticking it on everything now!