Sunday, July 1, 2012

Just because you're an aspiring minimalist...

doesn't mean that your house will always be tidy with nice clear surfaces. Sometimes life happens!

Even a minimalist with the best of intentions will sometimes encounter something like this in their house:

This pile of laundry was taken off the clothes line on Tuesday. It finally got put away on Saturday! 

This was the state of my kitchen bench and surrounding area on Thursday evening. It got worse! And there are other parts of the house that I didn't even photograph!

This week has been my youngest son's last week at kindy and I stayed for two full sessions with him to help celebrate his birthday, so many jobs that would normally get done during the morning while he is away didn't get done. It has also been the last week of term, my husband has been away on a school trip for 3 days and I had an eye infection! So this week, I have focused on living instead of cleaning surfaces of vagrant 'stuff'. I have left dishes that I would normally put away straight away sitting on the kitchen bench. I have left laundry piling up in corners and magazines on the kitchen table. 

Yes, the clutter has bugged me from time to time, but this week I have let it go. Sometimes you just need to be kind to yourself and prioritize. This week my kids needed me more than I needed a tidy house.

Next week is a different story! We have two weeks of school holidays and (when we're not helping my in-law's shift house or celebrating a significant birthday superhero style) we will be focusing on decluttering and re-homing the little piles that have accumulated during the last week. 

Then I plan to get started on some of my decluttering goals while I have some helpers at home!

How has your clutter been this week?
Do you need to be kind to yourself and let it go
or are you fired up to see some clear surfaces?

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